I'm No Expert
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Welcome to the show! "I'm No Expert" is a podcast that celebrates the love of craft beer as a beverage, an art form, and a lifestyle. Grab your earbuds, pour yourself a pint, and pull up a digital barstool; there's always room for one more at the metaphorical table.

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    Liquor Clerk!

    Drew Beringer contributor for Chorus.fm

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    Roast a Mallow

    This week we had so many people in the studio that we had to swap out guests more then once. We try three seasonal fall beers. And finally find out who wins the Chemex!

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    Banjo Break

    We mark the end of summer with summer beers!

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    To Many Warheads

    We're back! Ashley, Chuck, Adam, Zach and Chris all squeeze around the table on this weeks show.

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    Breakfast (season 3)

    Start your year and your day off right with season 3!

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    Brunch Beers

    Joey joins me for brunch and a few surprises

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    Sunday Growlers

    It's Sunday in Indiana, that means growlers

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    Holiday Warmup

    This week we get ready for the holidays, with beer!

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